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Welcome to Next Level Filmmaker

by Clarke Scott | Last Updated: August 29, 2021

Welcome to Next Level Filmmaker. Here you will find articles about everything filmmaking. As well as news, reviews and the latest trends in the industry. We plan on published well-researched and written articles for you each week. And to also keep the website ad-free. Why? because others in the industry have polluted their websites with horrible-looking banner ads and therefore make it hard for readers. I’m sure you know what website I’m talking about – they have been around for a long time. 

What is Next Level Filmmaking

The Next Level Filmmaker website is a relaunching of the brand into a content media website recourse for filmmakers. For the first three years, it was an online program to help commercial filmmakers scale a business. But after a “long think” and some life-changing events our founder, Clarke Scott, decided to pivot the business together with its ethos into a media company. 

Why Relaunch Next Level Filmmaker?

With the rebrand and relaunch of Next Level Filmmaker into a website resource for filmmakers, we are changing our business model into one of a media company. That is, we create free content for filmmakers by way of articles, filmmaker reviews, and industry news. We will continue to support filmmakers with courses on filmmaking but our focus will be a generosity first approach. This will be supplemented with affiliate partner offers and branded content from industry partners. 

What to Expect?

While things around here are likely to change as we adjust how we go about things, you can expect at the core of everything we do moving forward to be focused on giving free access to content for filmmakers to start building their careers and businesses. For those that want more than this we will still have filmmaking courses, and masterminds but, the aim of this website is more of a media company rather than an education company. Although the focus on the content is all about educating you as a filmmaker, our approach is free content supported by branded content partnerships. 

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