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I Started a Brand New Video Production Company as an Experiment

by Clarke Scott | Last Updated: November 2, 2021

I’m starting a new video production company as an experiment.

Here’s why…

Have you noticed that the landscape of commercial filmmaking has changed over the past few years?

And as a result companies need more content than ever before.

This should put filmmakers in a good position, right?

I think so!

So I started a brand new video production company as an experiment to see if my idea of a “content first” strategy works, and brands will be willing to pony up good budgets for good projects.

But here’s the kicker…

I am documenting the entire process of starting the new video production company and sharing my entire process on my Youtube channel.

I am going step-by-step through the process from the first four steps (second video on the channel), through to sharing the process of my first personal project, how to find the perfect niche, how to find clients with good budgets, how to create proposals that convert, and how to the entire thing.

It will be a humble begin as I grow the business but this is a good thing.

This is a good thing because it will allow you to follow along and implement with me into your own business.

We will start with creating a “north star” and core-values of the business in order to set the course of the company into the right direction.

I talk about this step in episode #2 of season 1 – the secret to starting a video production company.

And in episode #3 I show you how to find the perfect niche for your video production company.

By starting a new business, documenting the process, and then sharing this all on Youtube I hope to create a resource for younger filmmakers just starting out – as well as those more experienced but looking to re-invent themselves and their video production companies for this new “content first” world we now live in.

I think this is a really cool way to help those that need help, and (fingers-crossed) entertain those that just want to watch some bloke try and grow a brand new video production company.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel in order to follow along.

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