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Secrets to Starting a Video Production Company

by Clarke Scott | Last Updated: November 7, 2021

In episode #2 of Season 1 of my new Youtube channel, I go into the next step of starting your video production company.

But I do have to be honest, the secret is all very obvious, at least to me, and however, in the video below I go into depth about how to execute the plan, and exactly what to do in those initial phases of starting your video production company.

Traditionally, people speak about having a “business plan” and creating a document for this process.

My take is somewhat different and as a result, I believe my approach will allow you to both have a plan that you can follow as well as the organic in the direction moving forward so you can easily pivot as things evolve over time.

See, the reason this is important is that you need to allow projects and clients, to some extend, show you the direction of the business.

For instance, when I went through this process myself for my own new video production company, I believed the perfect niche for me would be a combination of tech, automotive, and outdoor adventure – and this might still be the case, but as I started implementing the step of the process of starting a video production company where I create personal projects in order to build out a portfolio and a reel, it was clear that the direction I needed to take was less about outdoor adventure and more about active-sport and action-wear.

This was partly a pragmatic reason as I am located in a city and the first business I could find that would, (1) be willing to do a cool video for my portfolio, and (2) actually needed video content for their business and thus would be highly motivated to participate, and (3) would allow me to get paying clients in the future, was action-sports.

So, having a plan is important but equally important is having a plan that can be changed to suit the ever evolving process of starting a new business.

If you want to follow along as I start a new video production company and share this new personal project – such as the treatment, the pitch to the client, and the vlog of the actual shot itself, then go subscribe to the Youtube channel.

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